Ongoing Medical treatment for Sushil Tamang



We wish little Sushil Tamang all the best for his operation. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Sushil is five years old and lives in Nepal. He is profoundly deaf and cannot speak since contracting meningitis when he was six months old.

We found Sushil whilst doing a water project in his mother’s village in Kakani in 2014. Due to their extreme poverty the young parents could not afford any treatment to Sushil. Julie priest and her brother David decided to help Sushil. They raised $11,000 US for the implant and associated costs.

We sincerely thank all those kind and generous people who has contributed to giving Sushil a bright future.Now Sushil can go to school.

If you want to help children like Sushil please feel free to contact us.


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