Compassionate Guidelines


“Buddha explains in depth how to be in harmony with nature, and so from the Buddhist point of view, care for the environment is very much part of practice.”

-Tulku Losang Namgyal Rinpoche

With the compassionate guidelines of our respected Guru, Tulku Losang Namgyal Rinpoche the environmental initiative is the underpinning part of our project. Environment is very important for the existence of all the sentient beings. We can’t imagine our life without the earthy environment and its support. Not only this generation, but for other generations, the environment is something very important. But with the rapid population growth, pollution, urbanization degradation of environment is increasing day by day. If we exploit the natural environment in an extreme way, today we might see some benefits but in long run we ourselves will suffer and other coming generation too. Excessive use will lead to adverse changes in structural, climatic, economic, socio change, even our physical body. So in the today’s context it has become very important to preserve our environment. So, NR Foundation has been working tirelessly in the preservation of environment by implementing different project like PLANTATION, WATER PROJECT, and AWARENESS CAMPAIGN.