Successful Cochlear Implant of Sushil

12814000_1579620319025593_8241438889522598635_nLittle Sushil after his successful operation at Teaching Hospital.

The ongoing treatment for the Sushil is on progress. The Cochlear Implant was a success and now S12472536_1579620325692259_5572156017360108877_nushil can hear for the first time.

Five years old Sushil with his family are very happy and expressing hearty thanks to Losang Namgyal Rinpoche, Julie Priest, all the Australian friends from Bendigo Rotary Club, NRfoundation members, Ani Losang Demchog la, and all the supporters.

Now Sushil needs your ongoing support for his education and medical expenses. If you want to help the children like Sushil in Nepal. Please contact us.

12834743_1590590091261949_453392874_n12895403_1590589984595293_852435203_n                                                                                      Picture taken with his younger brother and parents.

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