NRF promotes smokeless stoves

STA_0190 A smokeless stove constructed in one of the villagesChimney of smokeless stove in Raniban village in the Okhaldhunga district.Smokeless Stove and chimney in Raniban village, Okhaldunga district.

People in the villages of Nepal still depending upon the firewood and the traditional chulo stoves for their daily based kitchen work. The commonly used chulo need to be blown at regular interval and consumes a longer time to cook. It needs larger amount of fuel, firewood creating the polluted smoke causing health problems specially affecting the respiratory system for the people who use them. This traditional chulo cause the direct effect on the health of people. So, NR Foundation has carried out the project to promote the smokeless stoves in the rural areas of Nepal.

A householder cooking on a smokeless stove in Okhaldunga

Villagers constructing a smokeless stove in the Raniban village in the Okhaldhunga district.

A household cooking on a smokeless stove.                  Villagers constructing a smokeless stove.    

The project is already on the ground around 150 houses have benefited through our project.We are aiming to make stoves available for more families.

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