Okhaldunga water Project 2013

DSC01983 DSC01968

Simple Water System in Okhaldunga.

In 2013 the NR Foundation Nepal, in conjunction with Bendigo Rotary Club, was pleased to be able to supply water to a village in Okhaldunga, a remote area of Nepal. A simple, low maintenance system was installed, that enabled up to fifty households to access clean and abundant water very easily.

DSC01977This system supplies each household with enough water for their cooking, drinking, animals and gardens at a cost of less than $US40 per household. The villagers built 60,000 liters water holding tank with water piped down to each household. Building materials and expertise were supplied by the NR Foundation Nepal. We now plan with the help and generosity of the Bendigo Rotary Club of Australia to expand this project to other villages.

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