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“Health is the greatest gift, Contentment the greatest wealth, Faithfulness the best relationship.”] -Buddha

Health is the chief project of NR Foundation. Our major interest is in the health area and to find sustainable solutions to the problem of ongoing health care in Nepal. Its activities in this field include aiming to provide a range of medical outreach services in the most remote areas of Nepal.

The Foundation has recognized the importance of playing a compassionate and active role in improving the health outcomes of those who have little or no access to adequate health care.

As in many areas of Nepal the health services are often either inadequate or not available. In some of the most remote areas there is no health post, no doctors, health workers and hospital available. Villagers may have to travel for many hours on foot to reach a substantial health facility. Treatable diseases often go undiagnosed and untreated. This can lead to preventable death and disabilities. Children and pregnant women are most at risk in the remote areas due to a lack of facilities and education.

Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth. -Chanakya

Children inside their new school

Nepal is still in the struggling phase in the education system. The current education system in Nepal is one of the youngest in the world. Many villages have no school or have limited educational facilities. Nepal still faces many education challenges and struggles largely relate to poverty. NR Foundation has been actively working to access education system in Nepal since its establishment.

One of the major objectives of the NR Foundation is to promote and provide access to modern as well as religious education through a scholarship fund for both lay and sanga members.


Children inside their new school

Every year NR Foundation Nepal opens scholarship for the needy and generous students who are lay and the sanga members. We have provided the scholarship for more than 20 students up to these years. We access students according to their level of qualification, performance and their poor economic status.

  • NRF's  vice president giving scholarship to Std. 2014Vice President Purna Singh Lama giving scholarship amount to Student(Sachin Tamang who currently completed his class 12 with science faculty.)

Ongoing Medical treatment for Sushil Tamang



We wish little Sushil Tamang all the best for his operation. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Sushil is five years old and lives in Nepal. He is profoundly deaf and cannot speak since contracting meningitis when he was six months old.

We found Sushil whilst doing a water project in his mother’s village in Kakani in 2014. Due to their extreme poverty the young parents could not afford any treatment to Sushil. Julie priest and her brother David decided to help Sushil. They raised $11,000 US for the implant and associated costs.

We sincerely thank all those kind and generous people who has contributed to giving Sushil a bright future.Now Sushil can go to school.

If you want to help children like Sushil please feel free to contact us.