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School Rebuilding

CIMG1397 Students having class outside while their new school is nearing completionStudents attending school in Okhaldunga

Education is the main root for development. Educated person can lead the society in progressive way. So, Education is a priority for NRF. We worked for promoting education in the rural areas of Nepal. We build School in remote areas where education is inaccessible and help the local communities to rebuild the school and provide the educational missionaries.

School in Okhldunga

Children waiting for their school to be built in OkhaldungaLocal children waiting for their school to be built in Okhaldunga

Building school in Okhaldunga is our very first educational project. Okhaldunga is least developed region of Nepal. NRF has started its project by building school in Dada gau village in Okhaldunga.Dada gau is the very remote village of Okhaldunga that takes one and half hour to reach in from the road. The school name is Seti Devi Primary School. Now the School has more than 60 students currently studying from other villages as well.

CIMG0459 Villagers preparing the sight for a new schoolLama Losang Namgyal Rinpoche opening a new school

Villagers building new school.                                     Rinpoche opening the new school at Okhaldunga

Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth. -Chanakya

Children inside their new school

Nepal is still in the struggling phase in the education system. The current education system in Nepal is one of the youngest in the world. Many villages have no school or have limited educational facilities. Nepal still faces many education challenges and struggles largely relate to poverty. NR Foundation has been actively working to access education system in Nepal since its establishment.

One of the major objectives of the NR Foundation is to promote and provide access to modern as well as religious education through a scholarship fund for both lay and sanga members.