The Namgyal Rinpoche Foundation Nepal was established in Nepal in 2011 by Tulku Losang Namgyal Rinpoche. Its central office is in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Its vision is to build a civilized, peaceful, educated and sustainable society. This vision is shared by many community and religious leaders who support the work that it carries out.

The Foundation supports and promotes the teaching and preserving of the Buddha Dharma throughout Nepal and the social and environmental work of the Buddhist Awareness Center and the Namgyal Jyangchub Choeling Monastery. Over the time it has been in operation it has launched and supported a wide variety of programs aimed at implementing the vision of its founder and supporters.Its focus is to complement and support the projects of the Namgyal Jyangchub Monastery as well as carrying out its own social work in the villages and in the local community in Nepal.


  • To implement the vision of Tulku Losang Namgyal Rinpoche
  • To provide easily accessible and affordable health care
  • To promote and provide access to quality modern as well as religious education through a scholarship fund for both lay and sanga members
  • To provide clean drinking water to remote areas
  • To promote health education and environmental awareness
  • To promote and preserve the Tamang spiritual and social culture through the Oral Archives Project and cultural events
  • To provide training and guidance to young people
  • To promote sustainability in villages
  • To support and work with other organizations who share the same values and vision.
  • To provide support in a time of crisis
  • To support NJC and BAC